Sunday, April 10, 2011

Paper Bracelet (from Hermès)

Hermes' paper bracelet
 I'm so excited >< I've been wanting to make paper accessory for so long and I finally found a simple one :D
This one is from the Hermès website. The website has the pdf file of the template and instructions for 6 colors. Visit the website, then click ‘travel the world of Hermès‘. A new window will open, there try finding the bracelet image (like the one on the left) or use the navigation bar at the left and choose 'surprises'. At the page with the bracelet, choose which of the different colors you want to make and click ‘I want it‘. This will take you to the PDF file of the template and instructions that you can print and make :D

the bracelet page

Here is one I made:
the decorated one

I made the white one so I can decorate it however I like using pens or markers or paints or pencils or anything. If you're good with art or photo editing softwares, you can also convert the PDF to JPG and edit it (well, I haven't tried. But it should be doable). Maybe put you picture on it :D

Thank you for showing it to me (I also used the pictures of the same site)

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