Saturday, April 9, 2011

Origami Heart

Using the methods from

Of course there are other methods to fold origami heart, like ones with pockets, heart in a heart, 3d heart, etc. But this was the first thing I clicked on through google. Maybe I'll try out the other styles and blog about them.

This is my most containing picture post. Uploading 43 images were a drag. Especially with my internet -__-

If you dont have origami paper, you can use any paper you have, but you have to make it square first. Like so:

After squaring the paper, fold it:

fold it in half vertically and horizontally

fold a quarter of the paper (horizontally) inwards

the other quarter as well

now fold triangles. up down left right, all sides

still triangle-ing

it would be like this. see the diamond/square in the middle?

fold the right and left edges so they touch the corner of the diamond

fold a little triangle at each corner. Use the crease line from before as the guideline

fold it in half

but keep the diamond center opened up

fold it in half again (?) the diamond centre looks like the figure's base now

almost heart-like

flatten the whole thing

fold all the triangles down so it looks like this

to make the top part more curvy, fold the square like edge inward, making it triangular

triangulaaar, sorry I don't have a better picture of it -___-"

open up the flaps of the top part, we will curve them now ;)

curve by removing the pointy part. fold inwards. make sure the front and back part have the same height of folded flap, so it looks the same front and back as well as eye-pleasing :)


But wait! it has a mouth! And it's ready to feast on you. OH NOES

just tape it up then. I used a double tape, but you can also double a normal tape :P

and if you open the middle, it can be a perfect place to put letters or greetings or may be a ring? *wink wink*

but heck I don't want to put anything in so I'll just tape it close

Also tape the top flaps

make sure all the taped flaps are securely placed

now decorate!

what am I going to write you ask?

still cannot guess?

fine, here is the answer. I used a multicolour glitter(ish) pen I bought when I was in singapore. I also have one from Indonesia, but I lost it :P

the end result! You can also decorate the back

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