Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paper Flats

Hello :D
After long gone I now dedicate this blog to my friends blog
So my bestfriend in UK, Aram and I decided that we should gather all you flats lovers around the world (or at least the parts that goes to blogs) and make a community of flats lovers where we can share information with each other on flats styles, brands, health issues, etc.
In relation to that, I will post paper flats I have encountered on my google-powered search.
It is designed to be wearable since the whole weave is covered with plastic

Lonna's T-Strap Flats - Paper Sculpture Shoes from TheDiggingestGirl

This pair of cuties are designed as a pretty home decorator or "modern art installation" as TheDiggingestGirl wrote it.

Not made entirely from paper, this pair of flats is actually an actual pair of flats that got into an improvement project: stick comic books and mod podge on it.

This last pair of lovelies are not flats, but still paper. Stacy made sweet little slip-on mules using patterned paper. I wonder if I can make on and wear them on occasions (or one) ;)