Tuesday, April 26, 2011

INACRAFT 2011 (Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair)

HEY ALL! I went to INACRAFT 2011 (Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair)!
I went there in 2 consecutive days and hauled the randomest things. Rose clay pins, muffin tray, batik shoes, batik (ish) necklace, batik hairband, batik hair clip, rose-shaped silk cocoon (pupa) hair clip, a book on paper lanterns, 2 batik kangaroos key chain, a pin of a couple with traditional clothings, a card with random traditional dance on it, a magnet on a iconic (I thing) Indonesian product INDOMIE! For some reason they are all little trinkets (except for ONE pair of shoes).
Also, 2 days is not enough apparently. Just on my way out, I saw the cutest bags and notebooks. Wish I had more time. :"(
Anyway, enjoy some pictures:

Most importantly :D

Things I bought:
Rose clay pins and rose cocoon hair clip
Instant noodle "Indomie" (and the traditional clothings pin)

Tari Piring (Plate dance) - Bangka

matching batik kangaroos :D

Some stands:

translated to "mini world", it sells miniature stuff from clay

nyum :P

There was a really cute basket I wanted here

This one offered a cute name plate made on the spot

the CUTEST lantern!!! Ah, I want to but one (or some) after I get my place cleaned up

pairing sandals :D

Bagus Bagus sold products labeled "me and my ideas" i.e. craftable products

Inspirations corner:

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