Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paper Flats

Hello :D
After long gone I now dedicate this blog to my friends blog
So my bestfriend in UK, Aram and I decided that we should gather all you flats lovers around the world (or at least the parts that goes to blogs) and make a community of flats lovers where we can share information with each other on flats styles, brands, health issues, etc.
In relation to that, I will post paper flats I have encountered on my google-powered search.
It is designed to be wearable since the whole weave is covered with plastic

Lonna's T-Strap Flats - Paper Sculpture Shoes from TheDiggingestGirl

This pair of cuties are designed as a pretty home decorator or "modern art installation" as TheDiggingestGirl wrote it.

Not made entirely from paper, this pair of flats is actually an actual pair of flats that got into an improvement project: stick comic books and mod podge on it.

This last pair of lovelies are not flats, but still paper. Stacy made sweet little slip-on mules using patterned paper. I wonder if I can make on and wear them on occasions (or one) ;)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gift Wrap Crafts

I realize they're not giftwraps, but they can also be made using gift wraps :D The colourful dots and the pink one below XOXO came close to gift wraps :P
Just like the previous one, except this one is cut

The crafts for gift wraps are not limited to these of course, you can make origami-s using them, paper quiling, bookmarks, tags, or even used in you scrapbooks. There is an endless list of what to make! Especially if you made your own gift wrap, it will be one of a kind!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Documentary Videos

Hey, it's been a while since I last posted anything. It's not because of lack of time actually, it's more on lack of friendly internet connection.. I am finally back home after being away for the last few months
Anyway, for my reopening statement, I want to tell you I am in the middle of organizing a documentary event consisting of 3 main events: competition, screening in, and screening out. So, in relation to that, I present to you the music video of 1, 2, 3, 4 by Plain White T's  (which is either documentary or scripted as documentary)

This is a notable post in the link, really really sweet and notable (by dorno03)

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ok guys
1 select the first 9 number
2 hit Ctrl+f
3 hit 9

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Template (and other rants)

Hey! Look! It's Superman!


I am now joining one of the few people using the classic "old" templates on blogspot/blogger.
Why? Well, I was frustrated when I saw that my customizations were not done by my old template, and the share buttons did not appear at all. Now, that would be bad for you, right? I mean, how were you going to share it in one click? But rest assured, I have now revert back to classic, black glasses, secretary look (not the hot, naughty ones, the bookworm ones), to give you the "sharing" statisfaction!

About that too, apparently I removed the followers widget a long time ago without realizing it.. So for those of you who were devastated by it, you can go follow me now ;)

Well, since I'm gonna post something, I might as well rant here. I will probably get to decorate my newly improved space between now and the next two years, so I have been looking at DIY home decorations and the likes, like the cereal box creations by Michele. I'll tell you again if I actually made any. But she made practically all her stuff with cereal boxes and toilet paper roll, and I rarely get them at home, so maybe I should buy stuff first to be recycled (kinda beats the purpose eh?) Heck, I'll find a subtitute.

I am now working on a 100 dreams poster! You should also do it. Without writing them down, dreams usually end up as a passing (things you say/think and forget on the spot). Especially because it is a poster (assuming that you put it in a strategic location), you will end up looking at them every day of your life, making you remember. And DO something. There is this guy that is (or was, I'm not sure) famous in Indonesia for completing his 100 dreams list (even getting to study in Japan) and is now on his way to the next 100. He is a living proof of the use of the 100 dreams poster.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Printable Sewing Cards by Minieco

A simple idea, you know you've seen it multiple times, but the idea just doesn't come to you. That is how I feel when I see Minieco's printable sewing cards. Although the idea is simple and you know this is not the first time seeing it, you (well, at least I) had not have any ideas about this at all!

Rather than buying them on the stores (which are usually from wood), you can now make it yourself. Most of these things are not something used over and over, storing wood will just take up space.

You can use this for a bonding time with your younger siblings, cousins, nephews, or nieces (you yourself have a choice of doing this with them or the actual sewing if you can stay out of harm's way in front of the actual needles), gifts for those younger ones, and even wall arts!

Image from
The only things you need are:
A printer
Colored cards (or you can color the printed white card)
Hole puncher
Blunt needle
Button or bead (though you can skip this and just tie the ends together)

Adding on to my rant on how I never thought of this, now that I see it made, I am getting inspired, so maybe you will see the randomest, weirdest creations that are sewing cards related :p

Don't forget to check out Minieco's tutorials for things like you very own DIY invisible ink, magic potions, and cardboard bells that would look really cool as a home decoration.
Aaalsooooo, look at this boredom busters and get inspired ;)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Homemade Hardcover Book

I promised in my previous previous post that I would post about a hardcover book I made myself. Apparently I ran out of things to post before making a better looking one. This blog was starting to look like it would change its name to 'Cookies Crafties'. However, I don't think I am done with my cookies spree yet, so you might find it again in the future (possibly near).
The prototype hardcover book has only 3 faults (that I have found until now):
1. I did not cut the board to have sides in 90 degrees to each other, so the cover is odd shaped
2. the cover/first paper was not big enough to fully cover the board (as seen on the last (open) picture)
3. I cut the board wrong, it should have been in 3 parts, not 2, to make it look like the frequently encountered hardcover books.
But hey, it's a pretty good first try. After this, I will try to make thicker ones with pretty covers, so wait eagerly for it, okay?

it's just a thin trial

Friday, May 20, 2011