Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Egg tarts and my previously insect-infected laptop

Remember my post about egg tarts? I made them!! People said they were
 delicious too, but I didn't use any of the recipes I gave you, I used this one. Because I was too lazy to make my own puff pastry this time, I bought a pre-made one and searched a recipe with a pre-made one :P It's okay, just say all the methods needed to make it, people will just believe you did it yourself. The filling was nice too, though I wished I can make caramel to add on it.

 Now that you have been pleased and delighted by the egg tart picture, I couldn't post anything in a while because my laptop was "infected" by insects. They are everywhere. Lots of them. So I had to seek professional help (because I lack computer knowledge) on cleaning it all. This was probably the one in a million problem faced by those professionals too. The weirdest things is that, they got inside the battery slot. I mean, it's supposed to be sealed, right? I also had my suspicions that they got even further inside, but I can't check on that, so.. I'll just let them be. No, they are not alive inside it, they're the kind that died in a night.
 So how did my laptop got insected you ask? I also don't know. My brother was borrowing it, and we left it on and went to the movies (the whole family did). When we got home, his room was filled with those insects, wings shed, crawling on the floor, bed, and my laptop. -___- But it's cleaned now

 I should be able to make a posting schedule somehow so I don't forget O:) I made my own hardcover prototype book yesterday and might post it (after I make a better looking one). I will also accept orders if you want. :D Also, I will hopefully post a how-to on the origami frog next week. Just hope I remember, because I should have a lot going this week and the next.

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