Friday, March 11, 2011

First Post of My First Blog

a frog origami from wayback

Hey, Cynder here! How are you everyone? :D
So, this is my first post! Hooraaay!
I will try to dedicate this blog to paper crafting even though my interests usually run amok and go everywhere. Using this blog, I will also try to improve my skills on crafting, and may be design some random stuff.
So, I need to make a deadline for myself, so this blog stays active. Maybe a post every two week? Then, maybe after I accustom myself to blogging and have customized this blog enough to my liking I will post more often. But for now, one post every two week it is. Probably at Sundays.
So maybe you want to remind mo to do that too in case I forget. LOL.
For now just enjoy the Frog Origami picture, maybe I can show how to make it sometime.
So, see you next time!

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