Sunday, May 29, 2011

Homemade Hardcover Book

I promised in my previous previous post that I would post about a hardcover book I made myself. Apparently I ran out of things to post before making a better looking one. This blog was starting to look like it would change its name to 'Cookies Crafties'. However, I don't think I am done with my cookies spree yet, so you might find it again in the future (possibly near).
The prototype hardcover book has only 3 faults (that I have found until now):
1. I did not cut the board to have sides in 90 degrees to each other, so the cover is odd shaped
2. the cover/first paper was not big enough to fully cover the board (as seen on the last (open) picture)
3. I cut the board wrong, it should have been in 3 parts, not 2, to make it look like the frequently encountered hardcover books.
But hey, it's a pretty good first try. After this, I will try to make thicker ones with pretty covers, so wait eagerly for it, okay?

it's just a thin trial

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