Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wedding Cookies ++

I really like to see wedding cookies, more than wedding cupcakes. Because it's weird and cool (and cute too). It would be cooler if someone actually used the cookies as the wedding cake, somehow, rather than just a wedding favor. Here are some of sightings I like.
If you watch DC Cupcakes, you might remember them making a two-tier wedding cupcake once, decorated with white fondant, pearls, and purple mini flowers. The cookie in the bottom right looks like that.
This one is stacked like a real cake instead of decorated flat like the other cookies.
I like the flowers :D both on the cake and the bouquet.
Look at all the different cake styles and decorations. They come in a set with the hearts and shoes too.
Now you have a new way of saying "I Do" (which also means a new way of proposing). I like the ribbon cake too. And if you have too many Xs and Os, you can play tic tac toe.
TARA!! The other thing I like other than wedding cookies. I think this is cupcake, because of the post and the size (particularly of the decoration). Most other wedding cupcakes are just cupcakes on displays that are shaped like the many tiers wedding cake, but I like this version better (however they are arranged). Think about these little cuties on each guests' tables (matching the main one).

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