Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rose Origami and White Day

Here is one I made on last year's valentine. I used the instructions given on the link to make it.I think the bigger the rose (and paper) is, the easier it is, especially if it is your first time. The paper I used here is the same as the one I used to make the rose paper quilling for my mother's birthday hahaha.. So, enjoy, try it out!


I know white day has passed, but I recieved my white day gift late. I gave my whole class chocolate, so my friend, Deenz, decided to give me a notebook. With a scary tagline -___- not scary that kind, it's just.. scary..
Yes, yes Deenz, I'm making actions.. Look at this blog and I'll show you :D

the inside cards and greetings
The left one says "enak loh :P" meaning "it was delicious :P", while the right one contains a quote from our (Indonesia's) first president Ir. Soekarno, "a thousand elderlies and adults can only dream; however, a young man can change the world."

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