Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DIY gift for my mom

Hey! It was my mother's birthday yesterday. Since I already bought quilling tools, I decided I would give her my first go. :D It's actually pretty easy if you have the tools. Also, because I am a cheap person, I did not want to buy the more expensive pre-cut quilling papers and cut the cost by buying a A4-sized colored paper instead. I could get like 20 papers for Rp5,000 (about 50 cents US) than Rp20,000 (more than US$2.00) for less than a sheet of paper's worth of pre-cut papers. The paper should be 80-100 grams tho, otherwise it won't be rigid enough or too rigid/thick. However, if there is none near your place, I guess somewhere near that should be fine.

the tools
 Ruler, colored paper, safety knife (called 'cutter' in my country), paper glue, scissors and a quilling needle. the glue should come out transparent and should dry out quick, so you don't need to hold it for long. To apply the glue, search for a small points or objects like a toothpick.

quilling needle
 I know there is another type of quilling needle, but this was the only type sold near my place. Although, the shop is not even near my place, it's like a one hour drive. Bought it for Rp20,000 (more than US$2). Here is how I made it:

cut the papers to strips

Thickness may vary depending on your preverance and how popped up you want your creation to be. I made mine 6 mm thick (wide), but standard ones may be 1.5 mm, 3 mm, 6 mm, and 8 mm. 

 Put the quilling needle near the end of you strip, flip the end. Then, begin twirling the strip around the needle. I did paper around the needle instead of twirling the needle because I want my "roses" or roll to be loose. From my tries, I found that if I "drilled" the needle instead of circulating the paper, the roll became dense.

apply the glue

cut the excess paper
 how long you use the strip will be up to you, how large do you want your rose to be. It will also depend on the density of the roll/rose.

The rose! Though it's lacking some leaves. So, I made some using kertas krep (I am not sure what the english is, but I'm guessing it's called crepe paper [update: there is a possibility it's called tissue paper]. Please let me know the correct naming.) I used a green one to make leaf shapes and vines. I made the vines by cutting long strands and twirl them a little.

twirling the vines
kertas krep
 Here you go! Just stick it on a paper using the same glue and decorate. You can use colorful pens, crayons, and/or pencils. you can also make more and arrange them together.

Love, Cynder
My gift to my mom
Why don't you try it out and show me :D

Pictures take by my friend Deenz

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